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Discover the best methods to maintain openers

complete garage door repairs and install new doors properly with these tips.

Protect remotes from kids

When you keep the remote controls away from the children, you practically protect your own kids. The little fellows like to play with the buttons and race under the closing door and this may have terrible consequences. The experts of our service provider in White Settlement recommend regular opener sensors maintenance, too. This way, your kids will be safe.

Get the right size door

Measuring the garage properly is very important before you order a new garage door because it has to match to your own space completely. Before you replace the existing garage door, make sure to choose the right type of mechanism by measuring the ceiling or the space in the driveway. It will help you decide!

Measure the garage door properly

Get the right measurements before ordering a new garage door. Start by measuring the dimensions of the opening entrance according to the experts of our garage door contractor in White Settlement. Also measure the distance between the edges of the entrance to the nearest wall, the distance from the top opening to the ceiling and the depth of the ceiling!

Remember the dates

Our specialists recommend taking note of the days when you have your garage door serviced and the dates when you had it upgraded, tuned up, etc. This is to have a better idea and diagnosis of the state of your garage door, especially when it is already starting to have problems.

Eliminating noise on garage doors

Check if the rollers are already worn out and get it replaced if required. Tighten loose screws, brackets, and tracks. Apply sufficient lubrication on parts like hinges and springs and all other parts that need it. If rollers need to be replaced, choose nylon instead of metal to avoid unwanted noise.

Drawbacks of glass garage doors

Glass garage doors look elegant and stylish but there are factors you have to consider if you are thinking of having one. For one, think of the costs involved. Glass garage doors prices could be too much for your budget. Do note that if your garage is facing the sun and you're living in a fairly hot location, a glass panel will collect more light, trap heat, and make your garage excessively hot.

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