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Garage Door Springs

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We often pay little attention to our garage door, until it shows signs of tear and wear. The garage door springs are the part of a door that work hard each time the door is used. They are the ones that lift or lower the door. Thus, you should pay more attention to them, since these are the parts that are more prone to breakage. It is also important to note that the springs pose dangers. Think twice before repairing or replacing springs on your own. The springs are a common cause of a malfunctioning garage door.

What you Need to Know about Garage Door Springs

Garage Door SpringsOverhead door springs may break, but when they do, they can be easily replaced by professionals. “Garage Door Repair White Settlement” specializes in torsion and extension springs repair or replacement, besides a wide range of garage door repair services. We service both types of springs. These are the torsion springs, which are attached above a closed garage door, and the extension springs found above each side of the upper tracks. Whether you are using galvanized or oil tempered garage door springs, count on us to provide efficient servicing.

The springs are tightly wound, which means they are under extreme tension. They can hurt anyone who does not know they’re broken. Smart homeowners know that this chore is better left to a professional, one that has sufficient knowledge and skills, as well as the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job. If you own a home and you were there when the garage door was installed, you know how old it is and when it is due for replacement. The door’s manufacturer will tell you how long it will last. If you know yours is old and showing signs of age, you may avoid accidents and annoying emergencies by allowing us to inspect your torsion or extension garage door springs. Try to be more careful about it by paying attention to any abnormal sounds from your door.

The best sign that your springs are functioning properly is when the door opens and closes quietly and smoothly. When it does not work accurately, there might be some problem or noise that catches your attention. You can perform balance checks on your overhead door, for this could also inform you if springs need repair. To be sure, you may subscribe to our maintenance service so that a professional can thoroughly check the essential parts of your garage door.

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