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Simply put answers to all your questions about garage door accident prevention.

How do I fix the lights on my garage door?

Non-functional lights do not always mean that they are broken; our repair experts suggest changing your light sockets instead. You can do this by removing the circuit board, then by depressing the clip holding the socket. Remove the wire connections, and then put in the new socket.

How do I fix a door that doesn’t move even though I hear a grinding noise?

Our garage door repair specialists recommend getting a new main drive gear if your garage door makes a grinding noise even though it’s not moving. While you can acquire a new drive gear, replacing your old gear will require performing a complex process that involves removing a lot of components. Be sure that you are capable of rebuilding a garage door before you attempt replacing your main drive gear.

Do safety features come separately?

Basic safety features like photo beams and sensors are integrated to the garage door opener system since this is a must according to the 1993 UL 325 regulations. Modern openers today have many features but some, like the backup battery system or the device that allows you to control the opener from a distance, come separately.

What are the pros and cons of a belt drive opener?

Its major advantage is that it is the quietest of all types of garage door openers. This makes it ideal for homes in which the garage is attached to the living sections of the house, especially when there is a bedroom above it. Additionally, a belt drive opener requires a bit less maintenance than its counterparts. You can also expect it to be completely reliable. Its only downside is that it tends to be more expensive than its counterparts.

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