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As a dedicated suburbanite, I love my car. I have it maintained properly. I have a car checkup every year just before I go on a road trip. I ensure that the oil and filters are replaced on schedule. On top of that, I have a garage with an automated garage door opener. I feel a lot safer with the car in the garage. Those garage doors are also fabricated to be strong and capable of providing protection from the elements.

It seems though that I may not have given enough attention to my car, as I completely forget about keeping the garage door in proper working order. One day it just slammed down while it was opening. If I had gone through the door, it would have been possible that it had closed down while the car was still getting into the garage. That was when I gave garage door repair White Settlement a call. The service lived up to expectations.

The main problem with garage doors is that they are big, and appear as if everything works smoothly. It seems that these things are over-engineered to look like they work with simple mechanisms. In addition, garage doors should be maintenance free. It turns out that for one reason or another, dirt and grime does accumulate in these things. In much the same way that dust and dirt accumulates in the car's under sidings, if you don't clean this up rust would start where the metal was welded. Unfortunately, I never cleaned my garage door, except for the large door itself. This is where the problems start. Think of the rain gutter on your roof, the part where the large tree is located. Dead leaves fall onto the gutter on a regular basis. These decompose and clog the pipes and gutter. Without regular cleaning, the gutter would rust very fast.

This also happens to other mechanical contraptions. There is a thick coating of grease and oil on the garage door mechanism, but then this can become thick and cakey or the rust could form underneath a cake of grease. It happens, and when it does, problems start and you are in for a surprise. I may have cleaned my garage a few times a year. I'm pretty sure that I cleaned the garage door as well, but in hindsight not using a rag to dry up the water after I cleaned it was not a good idea.

After I noticed that it was no longer operating smoothly, specifically after the door slammed down before I could even get the car in I made an appointment to have the door checked out. It was a good decision, because the repairmen found some corroded cables that kept the assembly from working properly. There were also several parts that prevented from lifting the garage door. This was what caused it to close immediately. I had to shell out some money in order to have it fixed, but it was worth it, because I was able to have my car parked safe, sound and protected from the elements.

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